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Posted by Tristan Jones on Tuesday, June 28, 2011 Under: Albums
Been a while since the last post, and there's been a lot going on since then! As well as a new piano song on Youtube every month or so, I've also also uploaded my first (well second) attempt at trance / dance music. It's called 'Revolution'. Top points to anybody who can pick the movie audio clips scattered through the song. Head over to the Eyes Half Closed Official Youtube page to check it out, and leave your thoughts, comments and feedback. But now onto the big news.

Almost getting to the point where I have enough material to release a piano based album, so expect to see that hitting the web towards the end of the year! Track listing is not decided on yet, but it will include the five songs from the 'Sad Piano Melody' series as featured on Youtube, as well as around five never before heard unreleased songs, that will be exclusive to the album. As far as the unreleased songs go, two are fully formed and nearing the point of completion, with just a few finishing touches before they're ready to go. I've got plenty of little ideas recorded to fill the rest of the album, now I've just got to get my act together and flesh them out to full songs then record them. But I will get there.

And album title is yet to be decided on, and I'm open to suggestions; leave an idea in the 'Contact Eyes Half Closed' form on the main page of the site. I'm still also without album artwork, so to all those artists out there head on over to the 'Calling All Artists' page, check out the details then share your creations with me. Pricing and selling is one thing I have decided on and I think I'll sell it through Bandcamp. For those who aren't familiar with the site, it allows the artist to set a minimum price and this basically means the listener can pay whatever they think it's worth. I've already decided that this digital copy of the album is going to be absolutely free! Feel free to chip in a few bucks however as it means I can keep creating music on better equipment meaning a better sound.

On top of this I've also got a piano based progressive rock EP I've been working on titled 'The Concept Of Night And Day'. "Dawn" will feature on that album when it's eventually released, and I'm proud to say the EP is some of my best work yet, with an technicality and exploration of styles that's pushing the boundaries on everything I've done before. Six songs have been recorded for that, however I don't currently have the equipment to record guitar and vocals to a high enough quality. I'm looking into to getting some better gear, but this project will unfortunately have to be on the back burner til then. It will be released though, don't worry about that. And little pieces may pop up on Youtube, you never know ;)

Subscribe to this blog or subscribe to me on Youtube to be notified when the album is released. And that's all from me from now, but you'll be hearing from me soon!
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