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Posted by eyeshalfclosed on Tuesday, July 3, 2012
So in keep with the tradition of doing only one news post a year, here's what's been going on...

Although life has been keeping me busy, I've still been playing and most definitely still been writing! My latest effort, "Freedom", the newest Sad Piano Melody, can be found on the Youtube page. Just a little back story on that piece; it was partially inspired by the struggle of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange against a dubious extradition to Sweden, over charges which quite possibly have a political motivation. Freedom of speech is one of our basic human rights, a right which is being challenged in this case, with various world leaders and public figures condemning Assange's actions as illegal, actions which clearly fall under the category of "journalist". It's just quite unfortunate that his journalistic endeavors humiliated, and therefore angered a rather prominent world power. But someone's got to keep the bastards honest.

Also, as you may be able to see, I've updated the website, hopefully streamlining it more! Feedback is always welcome and I've got many new ideas for the website coming soon, including some form kind of 'guestbook' or comments section, where you guys can provide general feedback and ask questions without the formality of sending an email. Also I'm always looking for artwork to use in videos and on the website, so if you're a bit of a graphic designer, get in touch.

As far as the rest of the music side goes, I'm still working away on some little idea, some which will hopefully soon see the light of day on Youtube. I've also invested in some slightly better gear, although remember if you like the music, come back and donate a dollar or two to help me improve the quality of the recordings even more. Although I have got a three or four more piano songs completed since releasing 'Sparks' it's unlikely I'll be releasing a follow up any time soon due to time constraints. However I will still be releasing songs and you can expect the next proper release from me sometime around the start of next year. Then again, maybe earlier! That's the great thing about not depending on music as a living; I'm under no pressure to put together a release, so I can release the music when I feel completely happy with it.

Anyway, that's all for now. See you next year ;D
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