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So for the few people who check this page out occasionally, here's a shock; a new post, and it's not even the middle of the year! I think the traditional style of posting regular updates is fading, as the attention span of society grows shorter and prefers everything condensed into short summaries via Facebook or Twitter. However occasionally there is something to be said for doing things the old way, and this is one of those times.

First to the news; as more people discover the music, more people also get in touch with to use my music in various projects. Up until now, it was mainly for short Youtube videos, however it seems that this year things are looking up! Was quite surprised to wake up this morning to find comments on my videos reading, "is this the song used in The Crooked Man?" I had no idea what they were on about and did a bit research; and soon found that The Crooked Man was a free indie horror / adventure game, released only recently and that three of my songs ('Ending Theme', 'You Are My Light, In This Dark World', 'And Then We Were One') had been used during the ending scene of the game.

I've now played the game, and have to say that the ending was beautifully done, even quite moving, and was quite happy with how the music had been used, even more happy when I received a small surge in downloads / subscriptions. Always love to see my music used in projects such as this, although I do prefer to be contacted about it first. In any case, if you'd like to give 'The Crooked Man' a go, it can be downloaded for free from here. I'd also love to give a shot at writing something specifically for a film or game at some point; so if you're an indie film-maker or game developer, get in touch and we might be able to work something out.

I also thought this would be a good chance to outline what you should do if you want to use my music;

  1. Get in touch with me and let me know what it's all about! I might even be able to help you with cutting and editing the music to fit your needs better!

  2. Make sure to properly attribute me as the musician, either through credits or links in description. This way people can discover my music, and if you help me by sharing, I'll share your project around too!

  3. If you're not attempting to make money off your project, all use of music is free, and you can share it around as much as you like, providing you always credit me as the musician. If you are attempting to make a profit from your work, then you'd need to let me know, and we'd sort out something separately. This is really important, if for example you want to sell a soundtrack of a film, with my music on it; I'd expect a fair share.
  4. Let me know when it's finished and send me a link! I'm always interested to see the final outcome!

But wait there's more! Another of my songs is soon to be featured in quite an inspirational full length documentary!

Do I know what it's about? Yes!
Do I know which song will be used? Yes!
Am I going to reveal the details here and now? Not a chance!

You'll just have to wait and see what comes! ;)

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