Conqueror.mp3 Conqueror.mp3
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Loading Screen.mp3 Loading Screen.mp3
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On The Track.mp3 On The Track.mp3
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Watch As The World Passes By.mp3 Watch As The World Passes By.mp3
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Insomniac's Waltz.mp3 Insomniac's Waltz.mp3
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Dramatic Chase Theme.mp3 Dramatic Chase Theme.mp3
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Connected.mp3 Connected.mp3
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Many artists these days follow a single vision. Under pressure from their labels, they are forced to perform exactly the same style of music, album after album. Rock bands will always release rock records, pop bands will always release pop records, and so on. And while the sound of many bands does mature over time, it's exceedingly rare that an artist will step outside the constraints of their genre and start afresh with something completely original. For example, we shall never see Cat Stevens play death metal, Eminem taking up jazz or The Goo Goo Dolls creating the latest trance anthem taking the clubbing scene by storm.

Eyes Half Closed was formed to do just that, a desire to prove that the same creative force which crafted gentle piano compositions could be capable of hard rock; the same artist that wrote wrote pumping dance tracks could create a progressive rock epic. I've created and shaped the music over what can be any period of time; some pieces are fully formed in minutes, others take weeks, months, even years before I'm satisfied with the final result. While the name 'Eyes Half Closed' has meaning on many different levels, it's also a reference to when inspiration comes; often late at night. Sleep must wait, when the ideas are flowing.

Check out the latest news page, leave some comments and make sure the download some of the free songs on the music page. I dislike large record companies that see music as a product to earn money, rather than a creative piece of work to share with the world; as a result all the music here and on Bandcamp is free to download. Download it, then burn it to CD's and give it those few friends who haven't yet embraced the digital age. I'd rather three people listen to my songs for free than have one person paying for them.

Also, I'd love to hear my songs used in videos or short films. If you want to use any of my music in a project, or want me to write a soundtrack specifically to your video, get in touch with me using the contact form above. Just remember to always ask permission first and credit me where appropriate. Eyes Half Closed uses a Yamaha P-70 Electric Piano and a Fender Squire Guitar. They're both great instruments and I can recommend them to anybody. For recording I use Steinberg's Cubase with various plugins such as EastWest Symphonic Orchestra. Both are useful and innovative software and I can highly recommend them both.

I'll end this ramble with one of my favorite quotes;

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace"
                                                                                                               - Jimi Hendrix

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