eyes half closed

Handprints Score
Released 2016

Original score for the short film 'Handprints', which chronicles the mind of a young man struggling with depression.

1. Waves
2. Memories
3. Decisions
4. Fade

Free Download

Sparks EP
Released 2011

Featuring a collection of the first of the sad piano melodies on Youtube, plus two all new tracks.

1. And Then We Were One
2. Dreams
3. Forever Waiting In Silence
4. Forgotten In Time
5. You Are My Light In This Dark World
6. Ending Theme
7. A Story Without An Ending

Free Download

A limited selection of piano sheet music and tablature is available. Also copies of midi files can be provided for the purposes of learning and remixing on request; send me a message via the contact form on the home page to request a copy.

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